Big Star - Radio City - LP

Big Star - Radio City - LP

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On Radio City, Chilton, bass player Andy Hummel, and drummer Jody Stephens emphasize rhythm as much as melody, especially with the snaky guitars of opener "O My Soul", which hint at the singer's later fascination with old R&B sounds. It's still a pop record, and "She's a Mover" and "Mod Lang" might be their most Anglophilic moments ever. And then there's "Back of a Car", "You Get What You Deserve", and "September Gurls"-- one perfect pop gem after another that blur the line between album and singles band. In fact, Radio City is simultaneously a grab for airplay and sales and the beginning of Chilton's musical entrenchment that would continue through Third/Sisters Lovers (a Big Star album in name only) and into his solo career. More than that, it is the adult counterpart to its adolescent predecessor, forgoing the debut's single-minded intensity for a more nuanced mix of emotions ranging from jaded ("You Get What You Deserve") to resigned ("Back of a Car") to sentimental ("I'm in Love with a Girl").

Artist:Big Star
Produced by: John Fry
Originally Released in:197
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Ardent Records
Condition: New/ Sealed


Track Listing:


A1         O My Soul     
A2         Life Is White     
A3         Way Out West     
A4         What's Goin' Ahn     
A5         You Get What You Deserve

B1         Mod Lang     
B2         Back Of A Car     
B3         Daisy Glaze     
B4         She's A Mover     
B5         September Gurls         
B6         Morpha Too     
B7         I'm In Love With A Girl     


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