Dead Boys - We Have Come For Your Children - LP

Dead Boys - We Have Come For Your Children - LP

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Coming off one of punk rock's early classic albums, 1977's raw and rough Young Loud & Snotty, you'd think the Dead Boys would have followed the same winning formula on their sophomore release. But as We Have Come for Your Children proves, the album didn't come close to matching the fury of their debut. The reason for this fumble can be attributed to  a poor producer choice (ex-Mountain bassist Felix Pappalardi, who really had no business producing a punk band, and obviously wanted to tame the group). That said, Children isn't a complete loss, however -- much of the material is strong, and it would have benefited greatly from a grittier production (there was talk of having ex-Stooges guitarist James Williamson produce the album at the time, which would have probably improved the end result). Still, this is the Dead Boys album that contains one of their greatest all-time tracks, "Ain't It Fun," a "live fast, die young" tale that is quite eerie coming from now-deceased singer Stiv Bators (and was later covered by Guns N' Roses). Elsewhere, you can't help but wonder how much better such promising tracks as "(I Don't Wanna Be No) Catholic Boy" and "Flame Thrower Love" would have turned out in the hands of another producer. Since the Dead Boys' discography is short, fans should definitely try to hunt down a copy of We Have Come for Your Children .

Artist: Dead Boys
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi
Originally Released in:1978
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Sire
Condition: New/ Sealed


Track Listing:

A1         3rd Generation Nation
A2         I Won't Look Back
A3         (I Don't Wanna Be No) Catholic Boy
A4         Flame Thrower Love
A5         Son Of Sam

B1         Tell Me
B2         Big City
B3         Calling On You
B4         Dead And Alive
B5         Ain't It Fun

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