Chuck Willis - Wails The Blues - LP

Chuck Willis - Wails The Blues - LP

Record  Details:

This LP is a little more tilted toward early-'50s R&B and jump blues than rock & roll. it's still superior R&B on the verge of transition into rock & roll, including the Latin-tinged number that became something of a standard, "I Feel So Bad." Much of the earlier sides here were spirited but similar-sounding jump blues-R&B, broken up by some urbane ballads, most of the material written by Willis himself. Truthfully, it gets more interesting and diverse on the later sides on disc two, in which Willis started admitting some rock & roll and doo wop into his style, as on the romantic ballad "I Can Tell". Still, a must have for fans of doo-wop and early rock and roll!

    Artist: Chuck Willis
    Engineered  by: ?
    Originally Released in: 1958/2???
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: Epic
    Condition: New/ Sealed

Track Listing:
A1   My Story - 5:08
A2   I Feel So Bad - 4:13
A3   You're Still My Baby - 3:12
A4   Lawdy Miss Mary - 2:11
A5   Need One More Chance - 4:14
A6   Caldonia - 3:42

B1   Don't Deceive Me - 5:01
B2   One More Break - 2:33
B3   I Can Tell - 2:55
B4   Search My Heart - 2:21
B5   Love-Struck - 2:23
B6   Charged with Cheating - 3:01


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