Raging Teens Vol #1 - LP

Raging Teens Vol #1 - LP

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Norton Records has been attempting to prove that there are still great rockin' sides from the 1950s left to be unearthed with their Raging Teens series, and there are 18 good-to-great vintage rockers awaiting inspection in this edition.

While most historians like to keep guitar-driven rockabilly and rock & roll from the mid-1950s to early 1960s confined to its original spawning ground of the Southern U.S., the goal of becoming the next Elvis reached to several far-flung locales, one of them being the New England seacoast. When Freddy Cannon hit national paydirt with "Tallahassee Lassie," the scene suddenly had one of their own, a local hero and a rallying point for keeping hopes and dreams alive, much like Elvis in Memphis. In this volume, we have the first real documentation of that scene during the early days of the big beat, and rock & roll with a crude edge doesn't come much finer than this.

Gene Maltais was New England's true rockabilly wild man, and the nutzo energy he pours into his renditions of "Gang War" and "The Raging Sea" is amazing; other highlights include the Satellites ("Rockateen" and "Linda Jean"), the Buccaneers ("Bye Bye Baby") and the Dusters ("Rock at the Hop" and "She's Mine"), all artists on the Massachusetts-based Cupid label.

With 18 tracks of raw, unvarnished rockin' aboard, this volume sets the tone for the entire series.

    Artist: V/A
    Engineered  by: V/A
    Originally Released in: 1992
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: Norton Records
    Condition: New/ Sealed


Track Listing:
A1     Gene Maltais –     The Raging Sea        
A2     Alan Barnicoat –     Savage        
A3     Sonny Lane –     Gimme The Keys        
A4     Sonny Lane –     Baby Baby Baby        
A5     Buccaneers, The (4) –     Bye Bye Baby        
A6     Sonny Lane –     Dizzy Guitar        
A7     Satellites, The (11) –     Linda Jean        
A8     Alan Barnicoat –     Trip To The Orient        
A9     Gene Maltais –     Gangwar  

B1     Dusters (2), The –     Rock At The Hop        
B2     Sonny Lane –     Hook, Line And Sinker        
B3     Ricky Scott –     I Didn't Mean It        
B4     Tommy Childers –     Goin'        
B5     Satellites, The (11) –     Rockateen        
B6     Al Gay –     Rockin' Band        
B7     Dusters (2), The –     She's Mine        
B8     Gene Maltais –     Gangwar (alt.version)        
B9     Gene Maltais –     The Raging Sea (alt.version)


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