Petey Wheatstraw - Nat Dove & The Devils - Soundtrack - LP

Petey Wheatstraw - Nat Dove & The Devils - Soundtrack - LP

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One of the funkiest blacksploitation soundtracks of the 70s – a rare indie gem from Nat Dove & The Devils! Dove's got a style that's a lot rougher and rootsier than other soundtrack artists of the 70s – an approach that's more based in the modes of the indie funk underground of the time, and less in the more polished studio funk you'd find on bigger film releases. The grit in the grooves is wonderfully welcome here – and it's a quality that really sets this one apart from the pack, and keeps it in heavy rotation over the years! Most of the tracks on here are instrumentals, and a few of the cuts have vocals by Mary Love – and titles include "Joy", "Petey Wheatstraw", "Steve's Den", Junkie Chase", "Zombie March", "Ghetto Street USA", and "Loving You".  

    Artist: Nat Dove & The Devils
    Produced  by: Nat Dove & The Devils
    Originally Released in:1977
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: Generation International
    Condition: New/ Sealed



A1         Petey Wheatstraw (Vocal)     
A2         Ghetto St. U.S.A. (Vocal)     
A3         Zombie March (Instrumental)     
A4         Loving You (Vocal)     
A5         Walking Theme (Instrumental)     

B1         Ghetto St. U.S.A. (Instrumental)     
B2         Joy (Vocal)     
B3         Steve's Den (Instrumental)     
B4         Loving You (Instrumental)     
B5         Petey Wheatstraw (Instrumental)     
B6         Junkie Chase (Instrumental)

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