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GREAT 4-SONG WP OF CLASSIC BUBBLEGUM POP TV THEMES WITH GREAT ORIGINAL CARTOON FULL COLOR SLEEVE ART! NOW ON COLOR VINYL!Tracklist:A1 Doin' The Banana SplitA2 I Enjoy Being A Boy (In Love With You)B1 The Beautiful CalliopaB2 Let Me Remember You Smiling..
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Model: SBC 100
Album cover front shows Fan Club flexi-disc sleeves, album title THE BEATLES CHRISTMAS ALBUM, The Beatles Fan Club and track listings. Most releases of this album have this as the back cover. Likewise, the back of this album cover, which on other releases is the front cover, shows the 25 individual ..
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Comedian and former That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson is a massive Saxon fan and has paid homage to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal heroes on his new comedy record, Denim and Laughter.The title is a cheeky turn on Saxon's iconic 1981 release, Denim and Leather, falling in line with other rock..
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Record Notes:This second installment resurrects 14 more thrilling, chilling Halloween-themed novelty hits from the twisted minds of the Phantom Five, the Savoys, Hollywood Flames, Jimmy Dee, Al Elias, Lord Dent & His Invaders, Bily Snel, and more!Track listing:A1 –Al Caiola Experiment In Terror ..
Ex Tax:$19.98
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