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Danzig 4, also titled Danzig 4P, is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Danzig. Released in 1994, it was the band's final album on American Recordings, and the last to feature the original lineup of John Christ (guitar), Eerie Von (bass), and Chuck Biscuits (drums). Danzig 4 followe..
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Model: DUNGEON716
Rare soundboard live recording from a tour entitled on bill as "Shit Hits The Shed Tour June 17, 1994" as opening act for Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies. Limited edition on colored vinyl.TracklistA1 Intro - Overture Of The Rebel AngelsA2 Brand New GodA3 Snakes Of ChristA4 It's Coming DownA5 ..
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On Danzig’s 1988 release, most will notice on a first listen contain a better and cleaner production than most of Glenn’s past workings. Moving with the technology available really benefits the overall sound of the album, and gives higher enjoyment to listeners. Glenn’s rather ever present dark lyri..
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Ever since the solid and formal Danzig line-up dissolved in 1995, the dark demon of hard rock's musical output has been plagued by intermittent quality. Luckily for this release, which happens to be on yet another label, Danzig and company have stripped down the industrial and nu metal shades and ha..
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