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Record  Details: This Fresno foursome make their long-overdue debut with six previously unreleased tracks from ‘66, including sterling renditions of teen-beat standards and, in a groovy portent of Everyday Things members’ John and Phillips Hollingsworth’s future with Canterbury Fair, a nas..
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Model: SV146
The first of what would be a veritable flock of live albums, some legit and some hovering on the edge of it, Totale's Turns, with the same lineup as Dragnet, found the Fall in a hilariously aggressive mood, as the statement of purpose "Intro" demonstrates. "The difference between you and us is that ..
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Record Details: Just when you thought it was safe for corporate rock to come out of the woodwork, the third volume in the ever-growing catalog of A Fistful Of Rock N' Roll leaps forward to deliver a serious ass-kicking. The brainchild of executive producer Sal Canzonieri, this third volume pic..
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Model: 603497842193
This collection features rate alternate Fleetwood Mac tracks from 1975 – 1987. Previously released individually for Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday events on vinyl, they will now be together in one set on colored vinyl...
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Blonde features an abstract and experimental sound in comparison to Ocean's previous releases, encompassing styles such as R&B, pop, soul, avant-garde, indie rock, electronica, psychedelia, and hip hop. Ocean also notably makes use of pitch shifted vocals. The Beach Boys' de facto leader Brian W..
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Channel Orange (stylized as channel ORANGE) is the debut studio album by American R&B singer-songwriter Frank Ocean. It was released on July 10, 2012, by Def Jam Recordings. After releasing his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra the previous year, Ocean began writing new songs with Malay, a producer and s..
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Record NotesThe Kings of the Garage Rock revival return with an impressive set of rare and unreleased material for their ravenous American fanbase!Features incredible guest appearances by Ian Astbury of The Cult, Rat Scabies of The Damned and James Lowe of Electric Prunes PLUS demo, alternate and li..
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Model: TT017
Released in 1987 and long out of print, fourth studio album and the only one recorded with The Holy Men. A barrage of incendiary punk rock, extreme, dangerous and outrageous behavior, the record was his most aggressive work to date.TracklistA1 Swank Fuckin' A2 Bloody Mary's Bloody Cunt A3 Tough Fuck..
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Fronted by a young GG Allin at the beginning of his career in the late 1970s to mid 1980s, many of his most well known songs were recorded with this band, such as "Assface", "Don't Talk to Me" and "Bored to Death".Years active:1977–1984, 2003–presentTracklist:A1 For Those Who Can Take It Raw A2 Cher..
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Model: ORA 778
Compilation of singles and rare cuts from G.G. Allin's 79-82 output with his first real punk combo, G.G. Allin & the Jabbers.TracklistA1 Bored To Death A2 Beat Beat Beat A3 One Man Army A4 1980 ' s Rock ' N ' Roll A5 Cheri Love Affair A6 Gimme Some Head A7 Dead Or Alive A8 Occupation B1 You Hate..
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Record  Details: Best known for her Grammy-winning folk hit "We'll Sing in the Sunshine," Gale Garnett has since carved out a long-lived career as a writer and actress. Gale Zoë Garnett was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on July 17, 1942; her family moved to Canada when she was 11, and she..
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Record  Details: An exciting 1958 album featuring the snarling Gene Vincent, rock's original bad boy. Behind him are the Bluecaps (featuring legendary guitarist Cliff Gallup), a band that was arguably the toughest and most cohesive rock outfit of their day. The musicians throw themselves int..
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