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Model: SP70042
The Cramps' Bad Music for Bad People is a compilation album of songs from their earlier records, as well as a variety of B-sides and covers. If there is one record that best represents the legendary Cramps at the height of their power, it has to be this onTracklistA1 Garbageman A2 New Kind Of Kick A..
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Model: R-002
Live recording from 3rd June 1981 Marseilles, France. Great sound! Lineup feat. Kid Congo Powers and Nick Knox.Limited edition import on color vinylA1 Voodoo IdolA2 PrimitiveA3 I Was A Teenage WerewolfA4 Beautiful GardensB1 Green DoorB2 Garbage ManB3 I'm CrampedB4 TV Set..
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Smell of Female is the first live album by the American garage punk band the Cramps. The mini-album was recorded at The Peppermint Lounge in New York City on February 25–26, 1983, and issued the same yearTracklist:A1 Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love A2 You Got Good Taste A3 Call Of The Wighat B1 ..
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Stay Sick! was the group’s fourth studio album and their first with a bass player. 1986's A Date With Elvis, their previous album, marked a turning point when Poison Ivy added bass to the patterned Cramps sound. Bass duties for Stay Sick! were handled by Candy Del Mar, and the guitar and bass intera..
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Record NotesFour song EP captures the crude chaos of The Cramps in London during their 1980 show at the VenueLux Interior (Erick Purkhiser) -- vocals Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) -- lead guitar Bryan Gregory (Greg Beckerleg) -- guitarNick Knox (Nicholas George Stephanoff) -- drumsTrack list..
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Record Notes:3 Song 7" compiled from the 1979 Ohio Studio session outtakes.Track listing:A1 Human Fly A2 Love Me B Voodoo Idol..
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Record NotesLive recording made on 30 August 1986 at the Galaxy in Auckland, New Zealand.Track listingA1 The Hot Pearl Snatch 3:21A2 People Ain't No Good 3:18A3 What's Inside A Girl? 3:06A4 Cornfed Dames 4:49A5 Sunglasses After Dark 4:10B1 Heartbreak Hotel 3:35B2 Chicken 1:37B3 Do The Clam 2:43B4 Al..
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NOW AVAILABLE! Deke has combined forces with the inimitable BLOODSHOT BILL for a killer slab of vinyl, the “BAD BISCUIT EP!” The title track is a killer instrumental featuring both DD&BB. Bloodshot contributes two additional vocal tracks (“Never Get Me” and “Together Tonight”) and Deke finishes ..
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Record  Details: An exciting 1958 album featuring the snarling Gene Vincent, rock's original bad boy. Behind him are the Bluecaps (featuring legendary guitarist Cliff Gallup), a band that was arguably the toughest and most cohesive rock outfit of their day. The musicians throw themselves int..
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Record  Details: By the time of the December 1957 sessions that made up this, his third album, Gene Vincent's band had changed radically from its original lineup, with drummer Dickie Harrell the only original member (and even he wasn't long for the lineup). Johnny Meeks was the lead guitar..
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Model: JRR-102
The Gun Club's debut is the watermark for all post-punk roots music. This features the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce's swamped-out brand of roiling rock, swaggerific hell-bound blues, and gothic country. With Pierce's wailing high lonesome slide guitar twinned with Ward Dotson's spine-shaking riffs and th..
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Record  Details: Just how many rockabilly acts were stomping the stages of America's honky tonks and high school gymnasiums back in the '50s? Probably more than any sane person could count, but the folks at Norton Records keep uncovering more and more recorded evidence of little-known bopper..
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