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Record NotesOn their groundbreaking debut album, the 13th Floor Elevators sometimes sounded as if they were still learning how to work with the strange beast of their own creation known as psychedelic rock. But their second set, 1967's Easter Everywhere, found them a great deal more comfortable and ..
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Record Details: Did the 13th Floor Elevators invent psychedelic rock? Aficionados will be debating that point for decades, but if Roky Erickson and his fellow travelers into inner space weren't there first, they were certainly close to the front of the line, and there are few albums from the earl..
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Limited re-issue of italian Decca Animal single 7"Red vinyl editionTracklist:A Inside-Looking OutB Outcast..
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Pittsburgh's #1 instro/garage combo featuring their top hit "69"Tracklist:Step Move Jump Slide Mexico Tex Sigma Nu El Rondie All My Love Keep On Going Sad Eyes 69 Whip To My Lou Louie Louie One Dead Chicken All My Love (Alternate) Shades..
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Fantastic repro 45 of 60's Garage-psych single with cool picture sleeve art! Pressed on translucent peach color vinyl.TRACKLIST:A: A QUESTION OF TEMPERATURE B: HURTIN' FOR YOUR LOVE ..
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GREAT 4-SONG WP OF CLASSIC BUBBLEGUM POP TV THEMES WITH GREAT ORIGINAL CARTOON FULL COLOR SLEEVE ART! NOW ON COLOR VINYL!Tracklist:A1 Doin' The Banana SplitA2 I Enjoy Being A Boy (In Love With You)B1 The Beautiful CalliopaB2 Let Me Remember You Smiling..
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Banana Splits - Trla-La-La - 7"
2 - 3 Days
Reissue of Banana Splits Show theme with cool repro sleeve.Tracklist:A The Tra La La Song B Toy Piano Melody..
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Model: BTL-1002
Revolver is the seventh studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. It was released on 5 August 1966, accompanied by the double A-side single "Eleanor Rigby" / "Yellow Submarine". The album was the Beatles' final recording project before their retirement as live performers and marked the grou..
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Record Details: The band started out releasing singles on independent (private) labels around 1964/65 with a strong Searchers/early Beatles flavor. Eventually they evolved into a tight folk-rock band that strongly recalled Help/Rubber Soul era Beatles. Val Stocklein wrote most of the compositio..
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Model: MG-21104
The Blues Magoos' first album, Psychedelic Lollipop, earned the band a major hit single, "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet," and in the grand tradition of striking while the iron was hot, the New York-based quintet were back with their second LP, 1967's Electric Comic Book, less than five months later. Th..
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Great Repro of famed Bronx garage/psych band's first single, with cool picture sleeve!Tracklist:A1: SO I'M WRONG & YOU ARE RIGHT /B2: THE PEOPLE HAD NO FACES..
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Great 4 song EP from one of the Pacific Northwest's finest surf/garage combos.TracklistA1   I Dig My WomanA2   FrustrationB1   IB2   Bonzai Pipeline..
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