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...Off the Bone is the first compilation album of previously released material by the American garage punk band the Cramps. Features original anaglyph and comes with a pair of paper red and blue "3D glasses" inside the sleeve for viewing it.. Track listing:All tracks are written by Lux Interior..
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Smell of Female is the first live album by the American garage punk band the Cramps. The mini-album was recorded at The Peppermint Lounge in New York City on February 25–26, 1983, and issued the same yearTracklist:A1 Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love A2 You Got Good Taste A3 Call Of The Wighat B1 ..
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Stay Sick! was the group’s fourth studio album and their first with a bass player. 1986's A Date With Elvis, their previous album, marked a turning point when Poison Ivy added bass to the patterned Cramps sound. Bass duties for Stay Sick! were handled by Candy Del Mar, and the guitar and bass intera..
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This ep offers tracks recorded in Milano in 1980. Limited vinyl reissue on colored vinylTracklistSunglasses After Dark Human Fly Caveman Live!..
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Limited Edition vinyl featuring 14 rare Cramps cuts including radio and TV appearances from the A Date With Elvis period.Tracklist:A1 What's Inside A Girl? A2 The Hot Pearl Snatch A3 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? A4 How Far Can Too Far Go? A5 Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Monster A6 Chicken A7 The Dawn Of Rock..
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Record NotesFour song EP captures the crude chaos of The Cramps in London during their 1980 show at the VenueLux Interior (Erick Purkhiser) -- vocals Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) -- lead guitar Bryan Gregory (Greg Beckerleg) -- guitarNick Knox (Nicholas George Stephanoff) -- drumsTrack list..
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Record Notes:The Cramps- Memphis Poseurs (The 1977 Demos) LP-Amazing early recordings from the Cramps. Hell ya. This is from the Alex Chilton produced sessions recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. A little tape hiss is in the mix but amazing sound quality overall considering the age of these r..
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Record Notes:3 Song 7" compiled from the 1979 Ohio Studio session outtakes.Track listing:A1 Human Fly A2 Love Me B Voodoo Idol..
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Record NotesLive recording made on 30 August 1986 at the Galaxy in Auckland, New Zealand.Track listingA1 The Hot Pearl Snatch 3:21A2 People Ain't No Good 3:18A3 What's Inside A Girl? 3:06A4 Cornfed Dames 4:49A5 Sunglasses After Dark 4:10B1 Heartbreak Hotel 3:35B2 Chicken 1:37B3 Do The Clam 2:43B4 Al..
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Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl! Great Repro of German Vogue Records single from 1967. Classic British Mod Garage-Psych monster!TRACKLIST:A: HOW DOES IT FEEL TO FEELB: IF I STAY TOO LONG..
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CURLEE WURLEE!’s brand new EP featuring a DANCEFLOOR-KILLER in French and three more in English consisting of a power pop punk song, a punkabilly and a for a change, a quite moody tune as number four.Tracklist:A1 C'est DestructifA2 Underneath My SkinB1 Gotta Get Me ShoesB2 Every Day Of My Life..
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Four new tracks of spooky drip and biting fuzz from Seattle's The Delstroyers! Produced and mixed by Evan Foster of The Boss Martians.A1 - Moon RelayA2 - Invasion of the Body SurfersB1 - JezebelB2 - The Bogey Man..
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