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Model: R-001
Side A recorded at Program Studio LA April 1981. Side B Acoustic studio session New York 05/05/1982.Limited edition color vinyl release.TracklistA1 Goodbye JohnnyA2 Preaching The BluesA3 Watermelon ManA4 Devil In The WoodsA5 Fire Of LoveB1 Cool Drink Of WaterB2 Fire Of LoveB3 John HardyB4 S..
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Model: JRR-102
The Gun Club's debut is the watermark for all post-punk roots music. This features the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce's swamped-out brand of roiling rock, swaggerific hell-bound blues, and gothic country. With Pierce's wailing high lonesome slide guitar twinned with Ward Dotson's spine-shaking riffs and th..
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Model: CSR018
Harley Poe is a band full of changes. While the core idea remains the same, the lineup and instruments tend to be all over the place with each release. Harley Poe's last release, Wretched, Filthy, Ugly, found the band playing songs faster and louder than the folksy sound found on Poe's earlier relea..
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Record NotesLive at Max's Kansas City is a live album by The Heartbreakers. Recorded at a "reunion"/"farewell" show on September 16, 1978 at the famous Max's Kansas City nightclub, the album's performance — loud, sloppy, and laden with bawdy introductions and/or lyric changes to many of the familiar..
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Model: JFA/SIN34
Reissue - Split 7" EP with skate punk legends, JFA (Jodie Foster's Army) and Sin34Tracklist:A1 –JFA* Low Rider A2 –JFA* Guess What A3 –JFA* American Buttfucker B1 –Sin 34 Only Love B2 –Sin 34 Nuclear War B3 –Sin 34 Who Needs Them..
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Model: D.I.Y.01
Parallel to his career as the best singer ever fronting the best band ever, Joey Ramone spiced his creative life every now and then with collaborations with like-minded musician friends and other side projects. Presented here are a bunch of those and what a feast this is! From the awesome 7" he reco..
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Model: 7IN4304
Johnny Thunders' last recordings backed by Rochester Garage Rock kings! Features the only studio version of Critic's Choice! Comes in nice color picture sleeve and liner notes in Japanese. Glorious!Yellow Vinyl only. 1992 Japanese single. Tracklist:Critic's Choice I'd Much Rather Be With The Bo..
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Model: FACT10
Debut studio album by English rock band Joy Division, released on 15 June 1979 by Factory Records.The album was recorded and mixed over three successive weekends at Stockport's Strawberry Studios in April 1979, and was produced by Martin Hannett, who incorporated a number of unconventional productio..
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Outtakes from the Six Songs EP sessions recorded in 1986.Tracklist:A Set Me StraightB1 Show Off Your Red Hands B2 No.2 Pencil..
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Model: CAR11207LP
The Misfits began this recording session on 08/07/1980 with Bobby Steele on guitar and completed and mixed on 09/05/1980 with Doyle. For each song, Bobby laid down three guitar tracks (one lead track and two rhythm tracks). Doyle later added guitar tracks to most songs, which were then mixed with hi..
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Record  Details: The final release by the original lineup of the Misfits, which followed Glenn Danzig's acrimonious departure from the band by mere months, Die, Die My Darling lets the band go out with a bang. The title cut (which Danzig claimed was recorded three years earlier, during the W..
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Record  Details: The 3rd and final Misfits full length is a brutal, thrashing, explosion of an album. Many people have criticized this album for it's lack of melody and complete disregard for Danzig's distinct melodic voice. But the key to this album is not in it's melody, but within it's sh..
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