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Black Flag - Demos 1982 - LP

Black Flag - Demos 1982 - LP
Black Flag - Demos 1982 - LP
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The Complete 1982 Demos is an unreleased set of demo tracks intended for a follow-up album to Black Flag's debut album Damaged (1981). The tracks recorded show the band moving in a riff-driven, heavy metal-inflected direction, away from the pure hardcore punk of the first album. Due to legal issues, the album was never recorded, though most of the tracks were re-recorded for later albums.


A1 What Can You Believe

A2 Yes, I Know

A3 Slip It In

A4 Modern Man

A5 My War

A6 Black Coffee

B1 Beat My Head

B2 I Can't Decide

B3 I Love You

B4 Nothing Left Inside

B5 Scream

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