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Bad Brains - The San Francisco Broadcast - LP

Bad Brains - The San Francisco Broadcast - LP
Bad Brains - The San Francisco Broadcast - LP
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The beyond legendary, totally immortal, Washington D.C. via NYC Rastafarian hardcore and reggae group Bad Brains released their self/titled debut album in January of 1982 on ROIR and performed some of their very first West Coast gigs later that year. The Old Waldorf, at that point owned by Bill Graham, originally opened in 1976 and was host to some of the Bay-s most legendary early punk shows featuring The Avengers, The Dead Boys, The Dead Kennedys, and others. Bad Brains played their patented blend of hardcore punk and dub&roots reggae to a packed and frenzied crowd at The Old Waldorf on October 20th, 1982, a now historical live radio broadcast presented here in stunning sound quality. 

Limited edition reissue


A1 KALX Station Id - Intro

A2 I & I Rasta

A3 King Of Glory (Jah Rastafari)

A4 Right Brigade


A6 Big Takeover

A7 Destroy Babylon

A8 Forward Home

B9 Unknown

B10 All Rise To Meet Jah

B11 Unknown

B12 Unknown

B13 Strangest Diseases

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