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Mummies - Tales from the Crypt - LP

Mummies - Tales from the Crypt - LP
Mummies - Tales from the Crypt - LP
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This was originally meant to make up the band’s debut LP (to be released on Crypt). The story is that The Mummies had wanted Billy Childish to produce but when that proved impossible, for unknown reasons, label boss Tim Warren sent his friend, Mariconda (ex of The Raunch Hands). This didn’t go down well with the band and they weren’t happy with the results. Judge for yourself!!


A1 Your Ass (My Face)

A2 Red Cobra No. 9

A3 Land Of 1000 Dances

A4 That Girl (Tribute To Shane White)

A5 Victim Of Circumstances

B1 She Don't Care

B2 Speed Track

B3 Wild Mutha

B4 F.U.C.K.

B5 Shut Your Mouth

B6 Hairy Mairy

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