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Blue Things - Listen & See - LP

Blue Things - Listen & See - LP
Blue Things - Listen & See - LP
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Record Details:

The band started out releasing singles on independent (private) labels around 1964/65 with a strong Searchers/early Beatles flavor. Eventually they evolved into a tight folk-rock band that strongly recalled Help/Rubber Soul era Beatles. Val Stocklein wrote most of the compositions and his vocals are a world weary mixture of Gene Clark and Help-era John Lennon. They released their only self-titled album (commonly referred to as Listen and See) in 1966 and by this time, the band had already been experimenting with a psychedelic sound. The album is one of folk-rock's highlights. A single released from the album, Doll House/Man On The Street was spectacular. Both songs dealt with subjects uncommon for rock in that era (or any era), prostitution and social injustice. They are both characterized by glittering guitars, thoughtful lyrics, great harmonies, tambourine and a driving beat. There is no doubt that this was one of the defining moments of the folk-rock revolution. Other album tracks highlighted the group's influences. 'Honor The Hearse' was very Dylan-like but still effective while 'High Life,' 'I Must Be Doing Something Wrong,' 'It Ain't No Big Thing Babe' and 'Now's The Time' were also really strong, classy folk-rockers.

    Artist: The Blue Things
    Produced  by: Felton Jarvis
    Originally Released in:1966
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: RCA
    Condition: New/ Sealed

Track Listing:

A1     High Life
A2     Girl from the North Country
A3     Doll House
A4     Do Da Da
A5     Look Homeward Angel
A6     It Ain't No Big Thing, Babe

B7     Ain't That Lovin' You, Babe
B8     I Can't Have Yesterday
B9     Now's the Time
B10     Man on the Street
B11     I Must Be Doing Something Wrong
B12     You Can Live in Our Tree
B13     Orange Rooftop of Your Mind

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