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Chants R&B ‎– Chants R&B - LP

Chants R&B ‎– Chants R&B - LP
Chants R&B ‎– Chants R&B - LP
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Record Notes:

The tracks on side 1 are studio recordings. A1-A5 recorded at HMV Wellington, New Zealand, June 1966. A6 recorded at 3YA, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 1966. A7 recorded at Armstrong Studios, Melbourne, Australia, early 1967 (producer unknown). Side 2 was recorded live at Stage Door, Hereford Lane, Christchurch, New Zealand, October 1966 on a 3¾ ips machine. 


Compiled By – John Baker (6)

Design – Barny Bewick

Engineer [Transfers] – Steve McGough

Liner Notes – Andy Neill

Mastered By – Bob Frisbee (tracks: B1 to B8), Steve 'Ginky McGoo' McGough* (tracks: A1 to A7)

Producer – James R. Tomlin* (tracks: A1 to A5), Paul M. Marks (tracks: A6)

Recorded By – Jim Tomlin (tracks: B1 to B8)

Track listing:

A1 Neighbour Neighbour

A2 I'm Your Witchdoctor

A3 Mystic Eyes

A4 Come See Me

A5 Early In The Morning

A6 I Want Her

A7 One Two Brown Eyes

B1 Don't Bring Me Down

B2 That's The Way Its Got To Be

B3 I Feel Good

B4 I'll Go Crazy

B5 Dimples

B6 Gloria

B7 Land Of 1000 Dances

B8 Slow Down

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