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Count Five - Psychotic Reaction - LP

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction - LP
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction - LP
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The first and only album by the American garage rock band Count Five. It features the hit single of the same name which reached number 5 in the Billboard charts in 1966 and was selected as one of the five hundred most influential songs in Rock n' Roll History by the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and is consistently ranked as one of the top Garage Rock songs of all time. The album also includes two covers of The Who band. 12", Stoughton jkt, 180g, black vinyl.


A1 Double-Decker Bus

A2 Pretty Big Mouth

A3 The World

A4 My Generation

A5 She's Fine

A6 Psychotic Reaction

B1 Peace Of Mind

B2 They're Gonna Get You

B3 The Morning After

B4 Can't Get Your Lovin'

B5 Out In The Street

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