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Sounds To Make You Shiver - LP

Sounds To Make You Shiver - LP

Record  Details:
In keeping with a somewhat standard format of the day, one side has a "story in sound" ("...designed primarily for general scaring"), while the other has many of the same sound effects banded out individually and touted in the liner notes as "ideal for background noises that will give extra authenticity to mystery play or skit. Just play the record on cue in the wings and the audience will shiver and love it". While this sort of audio double-dipping smacks cynical grown-up me as a cost saver, I know that when I was a kid I really did love being able to easily queue up and play something along the lines of "Witch Laugh" or "Screams & Groans" while, you know, doing shit like phoning up people at random in the middle of the day. These days I've found that a lot of side one is still pretty good stuff to mix in as a layer of sound underneath spooky songs, just as long as you make sure to stay away from the dreaded "guy pretending to be a cat" section.
Man, oh man.

    Artist: V/A
    Engineered  by: V/A
    Originally Released in: 197?
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: Pickwick
    Condition: New/ Sealed

Track Listing:

A         A Night In A Haunted House     15:02    
B1         Witch Laugh     0:27    
B2         Count Dracula And His Victim     0:26    
B3         Screams     0:24    
B4         Screams & Groans     0:31    
B5         Moans & Groans     0:45    
B6         Cats     0:46    
B7         Dogs     0:39    
B8         Banging Shutter     0:59    
B9         Phantom Piano     2:03    
B10         Creaky Door     0:18    
B11         Breaking Windows     0:01    
B12         Thunder     1:53    
B13         Wind     2:47    
B14         Frankenstein's Monster Breaks Loose     1:11    
B15         Hooting Owl


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