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Bad Religion - Into the Unknown - LP

Bad Religion - Into the Unknown - LP

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Into the Unknown is the second studio album by Bad Religion, which was released on November 30, 1983. The album marks a distinct departure from the band's previous album; instead of featuring hardcore punk, the album is characterized by slower tempos, use of electronic organ and pianos, and a prog-influenced hard rock sound. Into the Unknown is the only Bad Religion album to feature Paul Dedona on bass and Davy Goldman on drums, as Jay Bentley and Pete Finestone returned to the band in 1986 and played bass and drums respectively on their subsequent albums, although the latter would leave the band once again in 1991. It also features Bad Religion's longest track to date, "Time and Disregard", which is seven minutes long.

This proved to be the band's most controversial release; despite favorable reviews from music critics, it was a commercial failure, and was characterized as a "misstep" by guitarist Brett Gurewitz. 


A1 "It's Only Over When…"

A2 "Chasing the Wild Goose"

A3 "Billy Gnosis" Gurewitz

A4 "Time and Disregard

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV"

B5 "The Dichotomy"

B6 "Million Days"

B7 "Losing Generation"

B8 "…You Give Up"

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