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Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye For an Eye - LP

Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye For an Eye - LP
Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye For an Eye - LP
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Kicking off a recording career covering three decades, this aggressive debut from Raleigh, North Carolina's legendary Corrosion of Conformity announced the group's destructive musical intentions. The original lineup of Eric Eycke on vocals, bassist Mike Dean, and co-founders Woody Weatherman (guitars) and Reed Mullin (drums), plows through 20 tracks of hardcore on Eye for an Eye. More punk sounding than early-'80s thrash metal contemporaries Metallica, from the West Coast, and Anthrax, from the East, C.O.C. claimed the title of hardcore's Southern ambassadors with this release. Being somewhat isolated from the coastal hardcore movements worked heavily in the band's favor. Unbound by the edicts of punk fashion, Corrosion of Conformity forged a unique sound that generated a loyal fan base and critical recognition. The group maintained their continuity, and surprisingly expanded their audience despite the fact that they featured a new lead singer in each of their first five full-length releases. On Eye for an Eye, Eycke's hyperventilating sounds appropriate enough as the vocalist keeps pace with the rapid-fire guitar and drum exchanges. Limited edition reissue.

Track list

A1 Tell Me

A2 Minds Are Controlled

A3 Indifferent

A4 Broken Will

A5 Rabid Dogs

A6 L.S.

A7 Redneckkk

A8 Coexist

A9 Excluded

A10 Dark Thoughts

B1 Poision Planet

B2 What?

B3 Negative Outlook

B4 Positive Outlook

B5 No Drunk

B6 College Town

B7 Not Safe

B8 Eye For An Eye

B9 Nothing's Gonna Change

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