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Kicksville Vol #4 - LP

Kicksville Vol #4 - LP
Kicksville Vol #4 - LP
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Just how many rockabilly acts were stomping the stages of America's honky tonks and high school gymnasiums back in the '50s? Probably more than any sane person could count, but the folks at Norton Records keep uncovering more and more recorded evidence of little-known boppers with their Kicksville series, and Kicksville, Vol. 4 collects 21 studio acetates from Dallas-based rockabilly acts.

Gene Rambo and the Flames dominate this disc with eight tunes, and sound fine indeed on spirited covers of "Dance to the Bop" and "Shake, Rattle and Roll," while getting suitably lascivious on "Hot Lips and Swivel Hips." (Another Rambo, first name Bobby, contributes three tunes including "The Bony Moronie Twist," Meanwhile, Vince Murphy and the Catalinas rock on out with "Evil Eye" (and go for some enjoyably lowbrow laughs on "Smooth Move"), Gene Vincent and Ronnie Dawson team up to add some star power with an unissued recording of "Hey Mama," and Scotty McKay offers high-powered spiritual advice with "Don't Wait."  This is consistently fun stuff (even the sloppier acts have a high level of teenage energy and attitude to spare), and the sound quality is fine for the most part (though some of these discs show a lot more wear than others). Kicksville, Vol. 4 is a valuable record of what the kids were grooving to in the Big D back in the day, and worthwhile listening for vintage rockabilly obsessives.

    Artist: V/A
    Engineered  by: V/A
    Originally Released in: 2005
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: Norton Records
    Condition: New/ Sealed

Track Listing:

A1     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     My Little Mama        
A2     Scotty McKay –     Bad Times        
A3     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     Hot Lips And Swivel Hips        
A4     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     Dance To The Bop        
A5     Casper And The Ghosts –     Rockin' Round The Tombstone        
A6     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     Shake Rattle And Roll        
A7     Vince Murphy And The Catalinas –     Evil Eye        
A8     Bobby Rambo –     Your True Love        
A9     Star Combo –     Honey Bunny Baby  
B1     Gene Vincent, Ronnie Dawson –     Hey Mama (Say Mama)        
B2     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     Sweet Dolly        
B3     Vince Murphy And The Catalinas –     Smooth Move        
B4     Carl Canida And The Flames –     That's All Right        
B5     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     Pink Pedal Pushers And Bright Red Hair        
B6     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     Don't Be Cruel        
B7     Scotty McKay –     Don't Wait        
B8     Gene Rambo And The Flames –     Reel And Rock With Me Baby        
B9     Bobby Rambo –     C'mon Everybody


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