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Cramps, The - Memphis Poseurs (1977 Demos) LP

Cramps, The - Memphis Poseurs (1977 Demos) LP
Cramps, The - Memphis Poseurs (1977 Demos) LP
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Record Notes:

The Cramps- Memphis Poseurs (The 1977 Demos) LP

-Amazing early recordings from the Cramps. Hell ya. This is from the Alex Chilton produced sessions recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. A little tape hiss is in the mix but amazing sound quality overall considering the age of these recordings. The Chilton production adds an amazing savage edge to the tracks that sound far more wild and raw than the tracks that ended up on 'Songs The Lord Taught Us'. 12 tracks and an absolute must for the Cramps fan.  

Track listing:

A1 T.V. Set

A2 Domino                    Written-By – Roy Orbison

A3 Can't Hardly Stand It     Written-By – Charlie Feathers

A4 Lonesome Town             Written-By – Baker Knight

A5 I Was A Teenage Werewolf

A6 Sunglasses After Dark     Written-By – Dwight Pullen

B1 Human Fly

B2 Love Me ...               Written-By – The Phantom (3)

B3 The Way I Walk            Written-By – Jack Scott

B4 Strychnine                Written-By – The Sonics

B5 Surfin' Bird              Written-By – The Trashmen

B6 I'm Cramped

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