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Last House on the Beach - DVD

Last House on the Beach - DVD
Last House on the Beach - DVD
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As European producers raced to top the deviant extremes of 1972’s Last House On The Left, only one movie dared to combine the genres of sicko-psycho thriller with the unholy depravity of ‘nunsploitation’: Ray Lovelock (of Let Sleeping Corpses Lie fame) stars as the leader of a gang of brutal bank robbers who invade an isolated seaside villa, only to discover five teenage schoolgirls, their nun teacher (Florinda Bolkan of Flavia The Heretic), and a nightmare of sexual assault and horrific revenge. Laura Trotter (Nightmare City) and Sherry Buchanan (What Have They Done To Your Daughters?) co-star in this rarely seen slice of ‘70s EuroSleaze – also known as La Settima Donna – now presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America!

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